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Fet a Sóller

Other majorcan fruits and vegetables


Natural avocados from the water-rich valley of Sóller, with smooth or lumpy skin. Lots of vitamin B and E.
7,50 €
box of 5…


Natural kiwi fresh from the bush. Harvested almost fully ripe. A vitamin and mineral bomb raw, in salad, as jam and dessert.
4,70 €
approx. 800g…

Canarian organic bananas

BIO Canarian bananas with an intensely sweet aroma, creamy and tasty. Straight from the islands.
3,95 €
5 pieces, 800g…

BIO ginger

Fresh and spicy organic ginger. Plenty of benefits for your health.
2,40 € 1,69 €
120g approx. bag

Organic Turmeric

Turmeric, an aromatic spice with many health benefices.
2,40 €
120g approx. bag

Garlic bulb

Garlic from Mallorca: as aromatic as mediterranean cuisine.
2,99 €
3 Bulbs, 170g…

Remolacha Organic beetroot

The all-rounder of mineral suppliers is very versatile in the kitchen, both raw and cooked.
3,80 €
1kg approx

White onions

White onions from Mallorca, especially mild. Long storable. For cooking, roasting and salad, e.g. the Mallorcan Trampó.
3,50 €
1kg bag


Mallorquin cucumber, freshly harvested, perfect for salads or cold soups such as the gaspacho.
3,70 €
800g approx.

Raf Thick tomato

Thick tomato from Mallorca, especially "tomato" in taste, slightly sweet. For salads or as a base for sauces.
3,95 €
900g box

Egg tomatoes

Freshly harvested and sun-ripened egg tomatoes. This is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. For salads, tomato sauce or simply pure on the bread.
3,79 € 2,99 €
800g box

Tomato Bola

Salad tomato, juicy and aromatic, sun-ripened. Strong and firm in flesh.
2,99 €
600g box

Ramallet tomatoes on a rope

Freshly harvested ramallet tomatoes in Mallorca. The famous Pa amb Oli tomato with olive oil grated in a slice of bread or for sauces and rice dishes. Decorative for kitchen or dining room.
6,95 € 5,95 €
530g to hang

AgroMallorca grated organic Ramallet Tomatos

The well-known Pa amb Oli tomato grated in a glass - ready for consumption as a “Pa amb oli”, cooking sauces… whatever you prefer!
Gluten-free, without preservatives and colorants.
6,50 €
400g glass jar

Pa amb Oli Tomatoes Ramallet sauce

This is how tomatoes should taste: strong tomato sauce from the Mallorcan speciality Ramallet Tomato
5,50 €
270g glass jar

Crespí Organic Ramallet tomatoes dried

Only sun-ripened Ramallet tomato from Mallorca, gently dried, and nothing else. Fully aromatic and intense in taste.
4,50 €
50g Bag
4,50 €

Patata Freshly harvested potatoes from Mallorca

Mallorcas freshly harvested potatoes from integrated cultivation.
2,80 €
1,3kg box

Sweet potato Boniato 1kg

The sweet potato tastes good in a wide variety of preparation variants: boiled, fried, baked…
4,50 € 3,99 €
1kg approx. box

Green Peppers

Green peppers freshly harvested. Here they are eaten raw with bread, salad, soups and hot dishes.
3,95 € 2,95 €

Pimientos de padrón, Small Fry Peppers

Fresh, spicy green peppers for frying. Add garlic and olive oil to the pan. For the popular tapa at home.
7,65 € 6,65 €
500g approx. box

Ramallet tomatoes

Freshly harvested ramallet tomatoes in Mallorca. The famous Pa amb Oli tomato with olive oil grated in a slice of bread or for sauces and rice dishes.
3,55 €
600g box

Red Peppers

Red peppers from the fertile gardens of Mallorca, which adds color to the food. Rich in vitamin C and important minerals and vital substances.
3,79 €
2 pieces, 800g…

Eggplant from Mallorca

The eggplant, one of the most famous mediterranean vegetables with sooo many ways to prepare it.
3,95 € 2,99 €
3 pieces, 650g…


Perfect for a soup, grilled, filled and also raw in salads.
3,95 €
2 pieces, 650g…

Calabaza Organic butternut squash

The organic butternut squash, also called pear squash or peanut squash, has a tender, light orange flesh, tastes slightly sweet and buttery.
3,50 €
1 piece, 1000 -…

Suc de Cel Extra virgin olive oil D.O. 3L

D.O. Oli de Mallorca
extra virgin
fresh, fruity, gentle spicy
59,80 € 49,99 €
3l bag in box

SalsaSol limón picante, lemon and chili

Virgin olive oil refined with essences of natural lemons, seasoned with hot paprika. Perfect with fish, meat, vegetables, salad or rice.
4,60 €
100ml bottle

Ceramic Bowl from Mallorca 17cm

A colorful handmade ceramimc bowl to serve food or to store some fruit.
16,80 €
1 piece
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