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Fet a Sóller

Other majorcan fruits and vegetables

Gazpacho of ramellet tomato Agromallorca

The famous gazpacho made with extra virgin olive oil, 100% natural and healthy.
4,99 €
470ml bottle

Honey melon

Natural honeymelon sun-ripened in Mallorca. Fresh, sweet thirst-quencher, low in calories.
6,95 €
1 piece, 1000g…

Organic ginger

Fresh and spicy organic ginger. Plenty of benefits for your health.
2,80 €
120g approx. bag

Organic Turmeric

Turmeric, an aromatic spice with many health benefices.
2,99 €
120g approx. bag

Garlic bulb

Garlic from Mallorca: as aromatic as Mediterranean cuisine.
2,99 €
3 bulbs 170g…

Organic beetroot

The all-rounder of mineral suppliers is very versatile in the kitchen, both raw and cooked.
4,60 €
1kg approx

White onions

White onions from Mallorca, especially mild. Long storable. For cooking, roasting and salad, e.g. the Mallorcan Trampó.
3,95 €
1kg bag


Majorcan cucumber, freshly harvested, perfect for salads or cold soups such as the gazpacho.
3,99 € 2,99 €
800g approx.

Egg tomatoes

Freshly harvested and sun-ripened egg tomatoes. This is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. For salads, tomato sauce or simply pure on the bread.
4,40 € 3,99 €
800g box

AgroMallorca Grated organic Ramallet tomatos

The well-known Pa amb Oli tomato grated in a glass ready for consumption. Gluten-free, without preservatives and colourants.
6,60 €
400g glass jar

Pa amb Oli Ramallet tomatoes sauce

This is how tomatoes are supposed to taste. Strong tomato sauce from the Mallorcan Ramallet tomato.
5,95 €
270g glass jar

Crespí Organic dried ramallet tomatoes

Only sun-ripened Ramallet tomato from Mallorca, gently dried. Fully aromatic and intense in taste.
6,49 €
50g bag

Freshly harvested potatoes from Mallorca

Freshly harvested potatoes from Mallorca from integrated cultivation.
3,50 €
1,3kg box

Freshly harvested organic mini potatoes from Mallorca

First-class organic quality, freshly harvested mini potatoes from Mallorca.
3,90 €
1,6-1,8kg box

Organic sweet potato 1kg

The sweet potato from organic cultivation, tastes good in many different ways: boiled, fried, baked, as a jacket potato in the skin or au gratin.
4,50 € 3,70 €
1kg approx. box

APAEMA Organic sweet potato cream with rosemary

Organic sweet potato cream with rosemary. Healthy fast food with versatile uses.
5,40 €
500g bottle

Pimientos de padrón small peppers

Fresh, spicy green peppers for frying. Add garlic and olive oil to the pan. For the popular tapa at home.
7,95 €
500g approx. box

Mild green peppers

Medium sized, tender and light-green coloured peppers, very digestible & popular as a side dish to "Pa amb oli" and paella.
3,99 €
500g box

Ramallet tomatoes

Freshly harvested ramallet tomatoes in Mallorca. The famous Pa amb Oli tomato with olive oil grated in a slice of bread or for sauces and rice dishes.
5,99 € 4,50 €
600g box

Canarian bananas

Canarian bananas with an intensely sweet aroma, creamy and tasty. Straight from the islands.
5,50 €
5 pieces, 800g…
Not available

Red Peppers

Red peppers from the fertile gardens of Mallorca, which adds colour to the food. Rich in vitamin C and important minerals and vital substances.
5,40 €
2 pieces, 800g…

Aubergine from Mallorca

The aubergine, one of the most famous Mediterranean vegetables, with so many ways to prepare it.
4,70 € 3,99 €
3 pieces, 650g…


Perfect for a soup, grilled, filled and also raw in salads.
3,99 € 2,99 €
2 pieces, 650g…

Butter Pumpkin

The butternut squash has a tender, light orange flesh and tastes slightly sweet and buttery.
4,50 €
1 piece, 700 -…

Suc de Cel extra virgin olive oil D.O.

D.O. Oli de Mallorca
extra virgin
fresh, fruity, gentle spicy
79,95 €
3l bag in box
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