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Fet a Sóller


Orange blossom honey

Pure honey from orange blossom, cold-centrifuged. Artisanal honey production.
12,50 €
500g glass jar

Tramuntana Mil Flores blossom honey

A honey that is pleasantly intense in flavour.
9,95 €
250g glass jar

Rosemary honey

Fragrant, pure honey from rosemary blossoms, cold-spun and produced in the traditional way. 100% natural food with the scent of the Mediterranean sun.
9,95 €
500g glass jar

Ferrerico rosemary honey Miel de Romani

Single variety, real honey of rosemary flowers, 100% natural, without additives. Soft in taste with a fine bitter note, shimmering like amber in the glass.
9,90 €
500g glass jar

Orange blossom honey Miel de Naranja Ferrerico

Pure honey of orange blossoms, raw. Glows orange in the glass with a delicate fragrance of orange blossoms
9,99 €
500g glass jar

Ferrerico Blossom honey Miel de Mil flores

The sun of the Mediterranean gives nature a rich, diverse flora. Our honey "Miel de Mil Flores" is a pure blossom honey, pleasantly intense in taste.
9,90 €
500g glass jar

Ferrerico honeycomb - natural product

Untreated sweet honey in the natural honeycomb. The honey is in the honeycomb cells and can be consumed with the wafer-thin wax.
7,95 €
approx. 180g-240g

Antonio Simon Multiflor Bio Honey

Aromatic organic flower Honey - Mil Flores
10,95 €
500g glass jar

Antonio Simon organic chestnut honey

Aromatic & organic chestnut honey
12,40 €
500g glass jar

Antonio Simon organic heather honey

Organic heather honey: a homage to autumn.
13,40 €
500g glass jar

Arrels Mallorquines Pollen

Pure nature: bee pollen in a glass. A perfect complement to our food thanks to its nutrients.
12,75 €
230g glass jar

Beechwood Honey Dipper

Honey dipper in beech wood hydrated with culinary oil.
4,85 €
1 piece

Almond flower honey Miel de Almendro

Pure almond blossom honey. Soft in taste with a fine-bitter note, shimmering dark amber in the glass. 100% natural, without additives. A honey with a soft taste with a bitter note which is amber-coloured.
12,50 €
500g glass jar
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