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Porc Negre Llom fillet of black pork

Sausages, Patés & Ham from Mallorca

Porc Negre Llom fillet of black pork

by: Cuixot de Porc negre Mallorquín, Art-Nr.: 00647, piece of ca 500 gr
Porc Negre Llom fillet of black pork
The black pig is a unique breed and feels particularly at home in Mallorca. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, including e.g. Oleic acid, make the "Lomo porc negre mallorquín" a high-quality food. Produced only from the finest loin of free black pigs from Mallorca comes our Lomo porc negre from the traditional company Cuixot de Porc Negre Mallorquí.
The aroma developes at its best, when the sausage is taken on air 5 minutes before eating.
Delivery from 8th of November. Short term availability.
38.00 29.95 €
38.00 29.95 €

Price for 1 kg: 85.57 €


Article description Porc Negre Llom fillet of black pork

The pork is cured, marinated, toped with Mallorcan pepper Tap de Cortí, salt, garlic and spices and stored for 70 days.

(It is possible that fat washed out, a natural white / gray mold can develop on the sausage skin during storage, which is a natural process caused by leaking fat and minerals. Just wipe it off.)

INGREDIENTS:Pork loin from Mallorca's black pig, salt, paprika Tap de Cortí, garlic, spices, dextrose, lactose, preservatives E-250 and E-252, antioxidants E-301 and E-331.


Energy: 365 Kcal / 1520 KJ
Fat: 26.10 g
of which  
saturates: 10.42 g
Carbohydrates: <1.0 g
of which  
sugar: 0,8 g
Protein: 32,6 g
Salt: 3.27 g

contains lactose

see label

Cool and dark

Cuixot de Porc Negre Mallorquí 
Calle Lledoner 17 bajos
7008 Palma (Majorca, Spain)

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