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Finest, tenderly melting ice cream "Fet a Sóller"

"Chocolate and Co." 6 x ice cream Gelat Sóller

by: Gelat Sóller, Art-Nr.: 00331
The box contains 6 tubs of 500ml of ice cream "Fet a Sóller":
- "Xocolata Gourmet" Chocolate ice cream
- "Vanilla Bourbon" vanilla ice cream
- "Stracciatella" creamy chocolate ice cream
- "Ametlla" Ice Cream Almond
- "Jelly Figa" Figs
- "Frozen Yogurt - Apricot"
35.70 34.50 €
35.70 34.50 €

Price for 1 L: 11.50 €


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