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Fet a Sóller

Sauces, Dips & Dressings

FOC Condiment spicy sauce from olive oil 100ml

FOC, our spicy condiment with natural ingredients: olive oil, chili from Mallorca and garlic.
5,70 €
100ml bottle

FOC spicy almond oil, gluten-free & vegan

Very spicy almond oil with pepper, ideal for marinating what you wish when cooking.
9,95 €
100ml bottle

FOC Condiment spicy olive oil 250ml

Natural product in organic quality from olive oil, spicy seasoned with peppers from Mallorca and garlic. A few drops for seasoning. And a bit more, for those who like it hot.
8,50 €
250ml bottle

ALLIOLI garlic cream, ORGANIC, Fet a Sóller

Popular Mediterranean starter with bread and olives or as a tasty accompaniment to meat, fish and vegetables. Veggie: milk and egg free., with mallorquina olives.
5,95 €
180g glass

Dip i Fet vegan black olive cream

Aromatic vegan olive cream made from black olives, lemon juice, bay leaves, garlic, parsley and capres. As a tapa with Quely biscuits, spreaded on some bread or stirred into the sauce. Hmmmmm…
6,95 €

Sour Pomegranate Sauce Fet a Sóller 225g

Sweet and sour sauce of Mallorcan pomegranates, 100% natural ingredients, preserved with lemon juice. Ideal with desserts and to refine game, poultry and mushroom dishes
5,85 € 4,95 €
225g jar

Sour Pomegranate Sauce Fet a Sóller 1225g

Sweet and sour jam made from Mallorcan pomegranates, 100% natural ingredients, preserved with lemon juice. Goes well with breakfast rolls, yoghurt or muesli.
12,95 €
1225g Glas

AgroMallorca grated organic Ramallet Tomatos

The well-known Pa amb Oli tomato grated in a glass - ready for consumption as a “Pa amb oli”, cooking sauces… whatever you prefer!
Gluten-free, without preservatives and colorants.
6,50 € 5,99 €
400g jar

Pa amb Oli Tomatoes Ramallet sauce

This is how tomatoes should taste: strong tomato sauce from the Mallorcan speciality Ramallet Tomato
4,99 €
270g jar

Allioli, garlic cream

Allioli - Garlic cream. Free from cholesterin, gluten, egg, lactose and completely vegan.
6,50 €

Allioli Pebres Coents, garlic cream with chili

It smells like freshly squeezed garlic... Smooth garlic cream refined with chilli, a dip before your main, with fish or meat, vegetables or seafood.
6,50 €

Dip i Fet vegan spread with dried tomato and almond

It smells, tastes and contains just natural ingredients. Dried tomatoes, virgin olive oil and almonds. It's a healthy, vegan sandwich spread. It's also delicious like a pesto-sauce.
5,95 €
100 g glass

Organic Ketchup Chef de Luxe

Organic ketchup with the fruity taste of fully ripe tomatoes, fresh from Mallorca.
6,50 €

Fet a Sóller Orange Mustard

The mild, slightly sweet orange mustard is a popular Mediterranean delicacy.
4,95 € 3,95 €

Dip i Fet Organic Allioli (Garlic Cream) spicy

Allioli with hot pepper (the Mallorcan variant "Cirereta").
Vegan, gluten-free, with organic olive oil from Mallorca.
5,95 €
180g Glass
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