Cooking recipes from Mallorca

Cooking recipes from Mallorca

Rice with lamb and stuffed ramallet tomatoes

Refined variant with typical Mediterranean ingredients

ARROZ DE MOLL with Ramallet Tomato

Delicious rice dish with the Mallorcan Ramallet tomato and delicious red mullet

Orange & fennel salad

Fresh, fruity and aromatic

Majorcan Trampó

Mallorcan summer speciality, a fresh & tasty salad as a main dish or as a side dish for the...

Orange risotto with vegetables

Aromatic fruity risotto. If you like, add duck confit

Honey orange marinade

Marinade for braised meat

Stewed artichokes with almonds

"Alcachofas estofadas", the Mediterranean all-rounder vegetable

Almond walnut cookies

The almonds and nuts make these biscuits a crunchy experience

Baked roasted garlic

Tapa or dip, as a side dish and to taste hearty dishes

Piñones pine nut pastries

Simple recipe, biscuits keep very well, authentic taste

Courgette spaghetti with fresh ramallet tomato sauce

Fruity light for the hot summer days

Majorcan coca de trampó

Typical Mallorcan cold vegetable cake, popular for buffets and parties

Majorcan tumbet

Typical Mallorcan dish, as main course or as side dish, easy to prepare

Pumpkin pie with almonds

Coca de calabaza: simple, fast and delicious

"Sofrito" the basis of Mallorcan recipes

The Sofrito is the flavour base of most Mallorcan recipes

Majorcan almond cake

A must for the Mallorca lover

Almond and carrot cake

For all those who like spongy cakes!

Pickled olives

A Mediterranean speciality, just the way you like it!

Almond and orange cookies

Here everyone can join in the feasting!

Almond pralines

An exquisite recipe for chocolate lovers!

Spicy spiced almonds

Spicy snack made from almonds

Ham and orange salad

Winter salad with summer flavour

Orange Olive Oil Cake

A real Mallorcan recipe to bake....

Rabbit with onions

One of the kitchen classics on Mallorca, low in calories, quick and easy to make

Mallorcan Rubiols

Sweet filled shortbread, typical Mallorcan Easter pastry

Paella with rabbit and seafood

A great variation for that holiday feeling at home!

Paella with chicken and prawns

Spanish rice pan with chicken and prawns

Spanish Sangría

Fruity-fresh summer drink for warm summer evenings in the garden!

Allioli traditional garlic cream

The traditional version uses only garlic, olive oil and salt. Strong in flavour.

Arròs brut or rice stew

Typical dish of the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, leftover stew, a quick and tasty everyday dish

Rabbit in almond sauce

Peculiar Spanish cuisine classic, very tasty, extremely aromatic, tender rabbit meat with...

Marinated red pepper filets

"Pimientos asados" as a cold appetiser or as a side dish with all kinds of main courses

Blood Orange Marmalade

Sweet & aromatic blood orange jam from a Mallorcan recipe

Mallorcan Bunyols

Mallorcan bunyols made from sweet potatoes

Guacamole avocado cream

3 delicious recipes for guacamole

Majorcan Pamboli

The typical meal here in Mallorca: bread, olive oil, tomatoes, cheese or ham

Orange mustard

Homemade fruity orange mustard

Vegetables pickled in olive oil

Durable and delicious