Soups & salads

Soups & salads

Almond gazpacho

Mild almond gazpacho, refreshing and full of vitamins

Ham and orange salad

Winter salad with summer flavour

Majorcan Trampó

Mallorcan summer speciality, a fresh & tasty salad as a main dish or as a side dish for the...

Mediterranean Poké Bowl

The Mediterranean healthy and delicious version of the famous Poké Bowl

Mediterranean watermelon salad with feta cheese

The ultimate summer salad: refreshing, vitamin-rich & light

Mushrooms in olive oil

Always handy

Orange & fennel salad

Fresh, fruity and aromatic

Orange strawberry salad

Light and delicious, quickly made, refined with an aromatic syrup

Pomegranate dressing

A fruity, red vinaigrette

Pumpkin soup with Sóller oranges

Creamy fruity starter or light meal

Rocket salad with goat cheese balls

Fruity fresh salad with orange and almond dressing and aromatic cheese balls

Salad with goat cheese and tomato jam

The perfect interplay of tart and sweet

Summer salad with chickpeas

Refreshing and lemony, provides concentrated vitamin power on your dining table

White cabbage and potato stew with minced lamb

Hearty stew with Mediterranean spices. As a vegan version or with hearty minced lamb