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Fet a Sóller

Snacks, Ice & Sweets

There are not only scenic discoveries to be made on this magnificent island of Majorca! Fortunately for us, the Majorcans like to maintain and care for their cultural traditions - including the culinary. Within the manufactories, small and big alike, only the finest treats are created according to traditional recipes and using only the best products of this bountiful island and would like to introduce some of these delights to you here!

Let us start this journey with the almond:Who has not yet heard of the wonderful Majorcan almond blossoms! Begining from the end of January lasting till the first weeks of March, the Majorcan countryside erupts into an ocean of fragrant and vivid almond blossoms. The almond variety, the region as well as the position determine the flowering period. The almond crop is usually ready after 6-7 months.
The almonds are usually harvested during the months of September until November by trying to hit the almonds, by shaking the almond trees or in some rare cases even using a pulsating machine. The Majorcan almond is not likely to win first prize when it comes to appearences. However, when it comes to flavour, the Majorcan almond is considered the tastiest under the sun and will certainly defend its´ title against any other almond trying to state otherwise...

The almonds are available: raw or roasted, as a natural snack for in between and as fresh almond flour for baking. Our almonds are a certified organic product, fresh from Majorca.

Ideal for snack lovers who desire only the best from this beautiful island...!

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Sweet Almond Oil Extra Virgin Fet a Sóller

8,40 € 7,60 €

Mascarpone ice cream with blueberries Gelat Sóller 2,5l

23,75 € 19,99 €

Camp Mallorqui Sweet Almonds roasted 100g

2,50 € 1,99 €

Camp Mallorquí sweet raw peeled almonds 500g

9,50 € 8,99 €

Camp Mallorquí Almond raw unpeeled 500g

9,50 € 8,99 €

Camp Mallorquí organic sweet almond toasted 400g

9,70 € 8,99 €

Bonany Sweet raw almonds 500g

9,50 € 8,95 €

AMETLLA+ Catanias Chocolate almonds 520g

35,00 € 29,00 €

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AMETLLA+ Catanias Chocolate almonds 140g

10,50 €

AMETLLA+ Catanias Chocolate almonds 520g

35,00 € 29,00 €
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