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Fet a Sóller


Camp Mallorqui sweet roasted almonds PGI

Pure nature. Almonds, lightly roasted, the healthy snack.
2,60 €
100g bag

ALMA Organic almond oil vegan & gluten-free

Sweet almond oil made from raw and toasted almonds, 100% pure.
10,95 €
100ml bottle

Fresh almonds in their shells

Fresh almonds with nutshell to crack yourself!
6,50 €
1200g box

MOIX dried organic figs

Sun-dried organic figs; this is how the natural fruits taste best.
11,95 € 10,95 €
600g bag

Organic raw peeled almonds IGP Ametlla de Mallorca

Organic almonds raw & peeled. Healthy snack, dessert ingredient or ground as a baking ingredient.
13,50 €
400g bag

Organic roasted almonds IGP Ametlla de Mallorca

Gently roasted organic almonds from Mallorca. Crunchy and sweet, for snacking between meals or as an ingredient in countless recipes.
13,50 € 12,95 €
400g bag

Fet a Sóller® Vegan hazelnut spread

Pure nature hazelnut cream without sugar. Delicious on bread and also perfect for refining many dishes.
7,80 €
110g glass jar

Moix Organic fig bread with almonds

Sun-ripened figs mixed with almonds, spices and a dash of aniseed. Healthy snack, also tastes good for children.
10,99 € 9,99 €
250g bar

Fet a Sóller® Vegan almond spread

Pure almond spread without sugar. Delicious on bread and also perfect for thickening sauces.
7,80 €
110g glass jar

XOC&CO Vegan cocoa cream with almonds Original

Cocoa & almond cream made from almonds, carob syrup and cocoa. Without refined sugar & very tasty.
7,95 €
220g glass jar

Dip i Fet Organic almond cream vegan & gluten free

Dip i Fet, vegan almond cream, gluten free with no added sugars. A real pleasure!
8,50 € 7,60 €
120g glass jar

Mallorcafruits Organic raw peeled almond

The organic almonds taste particularly aromatic and have a high protein content.
13,50 €
400g bag

Mallorcafruits Organic roasted almonds

Finely roasted organic almonds mild, sweet and aromatic.
13,50 €
400 g bag

Camp Mallorquí organic roasted almonds PGI

The organic almond, pure nature. Only slightly roasted does it preserve all minerals and vitamins.
16,90 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorquí Organic unpeeled almonds

The almonds from our island taste better than any other. Freshly out of the hard core with the delicate brown skin.
16,90 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorqui organic raw peeled almond IGP

The organic almond, a pure natural product. Almonds from the island, crunchy, full of flavour and valuable ingredients.
16,90 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorquí Organic chopped almonds PGI

A pure natural product. Raw organic almonds, peeled and chopped. Raw or lightly roasted, it enriches the creative cuisine.
16,90 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorquí Organic ground almonds PGI

The organic almond, pure nature. Finely ground for muesli, desserts and baked goods.
16,90 €
500g bag

3 x Ametlla+ de Mallorca, Almond herb mixture 1, 2 and 3

A pure natural product: Extravagant seasoning with finely chopped almonds mixed with herbs in 3 different flavours.
15,95 €
3 x 40g bags

Roasted almonds with sweet paprika

Hearty, crispy and natural: almonds, salt, paprika and olive oil. Better than potato chips!
4,95 €
125g tin

Roasted almonds with herbs and salt

100% natural. Almonds, finely roasted and aromatically seasoned. A healthy Mediterranean snack.
11,50 €
275g tin

Fried almonds with salt

Just fried almonds with salt and olive oil. A crunchy snack.
13,95 €
275g tin

Roasted almonds with sea salt and black olives

Pure nature: almonds, olives and olive oil. A healthy snack from the best raw materials.
12,95 €
275g tin

Roasted almonds with chocolate Bessó de Mallorca

The full-bodied almonds in a sweet coat, finely seasoned with a hint of sea salt.
5,95 €
90g bag

Roasted almonds with orange Bessó de Mallorca

Natural product without preservatives or colourings. Handmade crunchy almonds with a pinch of Flor de Sal and oranges. Gives healthy energy and tastes good.
10,95 €
120g tin

Roasted almonds with lemon Bessó de Mallorca

A pinch of salt, a little lemon and roasted almonds. Pure and delicious.
10,95 €
120g tin

Camp Mallorquí sweet raw ground almonds PGI

Pure nature almonds, finely grounded.
10,95 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorquí sweet roasted almonds PGI

The almond, natural and pure. Just a little bit roasted almonds keep all of the minerals and vitamins.
10,99 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorquí sweet raw peeled almonds PGI

The almond is a pure natural product. Almonds full of flavour, crunchy and with valuable ingredients.
10,95 €
500g bag

Camp Mallorquí raw unpeeled almonds

These almond kernels simply taste good! Fresh from the hard kernel with the delicate brown skin.
10,95 €
500g bag

Bonany Roasted almonds

Roasted almonds: a small, mineral-rich snack in a bag for on the go.
2,70 €
100g bag

Bonany raw peeled almonds

Fresh, raw, peeled almonds. The real almond flavour.
11,95 €
500g bag

Bonany roasted almonds

Toasted crunchy almonds. The perfect snack for those who want to enjoy a healthy bite or also to cook.
11,99 €
500g bag

Bonany raw unpeeled almonds

Raw unpeeled almonds, extremely crunchy with a deep flavour and aroma.
11,95 €
500g bag

Bonany Sweet raw peeled ground almonds

Finely ground almonds for muesli, desserts or almond cakes.
11,95 €
500g bag

Dip i Fet Organic dried tomato and almond spread

It smells, tastes and contains just natural ingredients. Dried tomatoes, virgin olive oil and almonds. It's a healthy vegan spread.
6,99 € 5,99 €
100g glass jar

Gató box

If you like almonds and baking, this box is perfect for you!
31,39 € 28,95 €
4 products

Dos Perellons Almond liqueur

Delicious almonds give the liqueur its mild, nutty flavour.
16,95 €
0,7l bottle
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