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Fet a Sóller

Coffee, tea & cacao

Rico Ground coffee

Only the best harvests of the best coffee varieties of the world are processed for RICO coffee. The result is a natural filter coffee of high quality.
5,99 €
Vacuum bag 250g

Organic Herbal tea spearmint HerbaSana

The spearmint is a traditional ingredient in Mediterranean dishes, drinks, teas and liqueurs.
3,95 €
15g bag

Dried organic orange blossom

Hand-picked, dried in the shade by the sun. Orange blossoms from Sóller. For flavouring, care or relaxation.
3,90 €
20g bag

Rico Coffee beans

Many coffee lovers prefer to grind and prepare coffee themselves.
5,99 €
Flowpack 250g

Rico Coffee beans

Traditional coffee in Mallorca, coffee balanced in the cup, it goes well with milk.
19,99 €
Flowpack 1000g

Organic cocoa

A freshly prepared cocoa, tastes good and it's healthy. Rich in minerals and vitamin B.
9,95 €
500g bag

Es Garrover organic carob flour

Es Garrover organic carob flour, rich in minerals. Lactose and gluten-free & vegan.
6,85 €
350g bag

Organic Herbal tea lemon verbena

Purely organic herbal tea made from lemon verbena: a smell and taste experience.
3,95 €
5g bag

Cafetera coffee machine 3 cups

Solo or cortado (espresso or with milk), prepared in any case in the typical Mallorca coffee machine.
14,40 €
1 small coffee…

Fet a Sóller vegan carob syrup

Delicious vegan carob syrup for healthy sweetening, without refined sugar.
9,50 € 7,99 €
200ml bottle

ANTONIO NADAL Organic Kombucha Lemon & Ginger

Kombucha, a refreshing drink with fermented black tea, organic lemon & ginger.
6,95 €
1l bottle
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