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Fet a Sóller

Coffee, tea & cacao

Rico Ground coffee

Only the best harvests of the best coffee varieties of the world are processed for RICO coffee. The result is a natural filter coffee of high quality.
5,99 €
Vacuum bag 250g

Dried organic orange blossom

Hand-picked, dried in the shade by the sun. Orange blossoms from Sóller. For flavouring, care or relaxation.
4,90 €
20g bag

Rico Coffee beans

Many coffee lovers prefer to grind and prepare coffee themselves.
5,99 €
Flowpack 250g

Rico Coffee beans

Traditional coffee in Mallorca, coffee balanced in the cup, it goes well with milk.
19,99 €
Flowpack 1000g

Organic cocoa

A freshly prepared cocoa, tastes good and it's healthy. Rich in minerals and vitamin B.
9,95 €
500g bag

Es Garrover organic carob flour

Es Garrover organic carob flour, rich in minerals. Lactose and gluten-free & vegan.
6,85 €
350g bag

ALOE VERA FARM Organic Aloe Vera Juice vegan food supplement

Aloe Vera organic direct juice for drinking (food supplement) or as care for the skin. Alkaline food supplement.
19,50 € 17,50 €
500ml bottle

Fet a Sóller vegan carob syrup

Delicious vegan carob syrup for healthy sweetening, without refined sugar.
9,50 € 7,99 €
200ml bottle

Organic coffee roasted in Mallorca

Aromatic roasted coffee beans, blended and packaged in Mallorca, imported from Central America.
8,50 € 6,50 €
250g bag

Maüa Hot chocolate 70%

A good hot chocolate with a delicious taste and a comforting sensation for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
13,95 €
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The article has been added to your basket. Proceed to checkout right away.