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"Mediterranean spice" gift box

Typical ingredients which are being used for the mediterranean cuisine, packed prettily in a handy box.
18,60 €
3 products…

AROMÀTIQUES Organic bay leaves

Aromatic bay leaves hand-picked, dried in the shade. Organic bay leaves from Sóller; for aromatic seasoning.
3,95 €
10g bag

AROMÀTIQUES Organic Cirereta peppers

Hot Cirereta peppers, also called "Spanish pepper". It gives all dishes the necessary rounded spiciness.
3,95 €
10g bag

AROMÀTIQUES organic dried oregano

100% pure and natural oregano, sun-ripened and gently dried. Especially delicious with lemon and garlic in olive oil.
3,95 € 3,45 €
10g bag

Azafrán, genuine saffron from Mallorca

Usually used in small amounts as flavouring and colouring food. It has a distinctive aroma and it is a very precious spice, even called the "red gold".
7,95 €
1gr Strands

BIO ginger

Fresh and spicy organic ginger. Plenty of benefits for your health.
2,40 € 1,99 €
120g approx. bag

FOC Condiment spicy olive oil 250ml

Natural product in organic quality from olive oil, spicy seasoned with peppers from Mallorca and garlic. A few drops for seasoning. And a bit more, for those who like it hot.
8,50 €
250ml bottle

FOC Condiment spicy sauce from olive oil 100ml

FOC, our spicy condiment with natural ingredients: olive oil, chili from Mallorca and garlic.
5,70 €
100ml bottle

Garlic bulb

Garlic from Mallorca: as aromatic as mediterranean cuisine.
2,99 €
3 Bulbs, 170g…

Organic Turmeric

Turmeric, an aromatic spice with many health benefices.
2,40 €
120g approx. bag

Pebre de Cirereta, spicy organic paprika

Orange coloured, this paprika has higher hotness degree which increases in mouth. A spicy flavour that suits well with stews, fish and meat dishes, and enhances any kind of sauce.
5,40 €
30g canister

Tap de Corti sweet organic paprika spice

Sweet paprika spice ripened and dried under the sun of Mallorca. Strongly sweet and piquant in taste.
7,90 €
80g canister
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