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Fet a Sóller


Olives are not only very nutritional, but also extremely delicious. In Mallorca they are served as a typical aperitif. They form part of both the Mallorcan restaurants and will never be amiss amoung the Mallorcan residencies. Small Mediterranean delicacies, which essentially flatter almost any cuisine. Only the best from this dazzling island, fresh from Mallorca.

A brand new product: BalsamOrange - orange vinegar: a delicacy, from one of the best products of the island, oranges! Pamper your salads and spoil your taste buds. You just have to try it!

Vian Tàperes Capers

These medium capers are ideal to accompany the well-known “Pa amb Oli” or the delicious Majorcan salad “Trampó”. They are also used to prepare different recipes such as the typical “Llengua amb tàperes” (veal or pork tongue with capers).
5,80 €

Dried Tomatoes in olive oil

Ripened in the sun and dried in the shade: Natural tomatoes pickled only in olive oil. Boiled, roasted or on bread..... that's how tomatoes taste.
8,95 €
170g jar

Sour Pomegranate Sauce Fet a Sóller 225g

Sweet and sour sauce of Mallorcan pomegranates, 100% natural ingredients, preserved with lemon juice. Ideal with desserts and to refine game, poultry and mushroom dishes
5,85 € 4,95 €
225g jar

Sour Pomegranate Sauce Fet a Sóller 1225g

Sweet and sour jam made from Mallorcan pomegranates, 100% natural ingredients, preserved with lemon juice. Goes well with breakfast rolls, yoghurt or muesli.
12,95 €
1225g Glas

Sa Llubinera Fonoll Marí, marinated sea fennel

Sea fennel in vinegar, spicy, fine-sour tasteful. Goes perfectly with tomato bread "Pa amb Oli", sausage and cheese, roasted meat and rice.
3,95 €
370 g jar, 100 g…

Dip i Fet vegan spread with dried tomato and almond

It smells, tastes and contains just natural ingredients. Dried tomatoes, virgin olive oil and almonds. It's a healthy, vegan sandwich spread. It's also delicious like a pesto-sauce.
5,95 €
100 g glass

Pa amb Oli Tomatoes Ramallet sauce

This is how tomatoes should taste: strong tomato sauce from the Mallorcan speciality Ramallet Tomato
4,99 €
Jar of 270 gr.

Vian Sea Fennel

Sea fennel in white wine vinegar and salt. The sea fennel is traditionally eaten with the “Pa amb Oli”, with “Sopes Mallorquines” or with the well-known “Trampó”.
6,50 €

Vian Chili Peppers

In the Majorcan gastronomy the chili peppers have always been present as an accompaniment of typical dishes.
6,50 €

Sa Llubinera Taperes mallorquines, Capers

Capers from Mallorca pickled in brine
2,50 €
212g jat, 140g…

Vian Gordal olives with chili pepper

Gordal olives with chili peppers. Ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to any main dish.
6,50 €

Savantry Olives trencadas 600g

Very tasty and flavorful "broken" olives!
7,50 €

Savantry Olives trencadas 220g

Pickled in brine and herbs, these olives are wonderfully spicy and are perfect as a tapa or as a side dish.
4,20 €
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