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Fet a Sóller


Ca'n Guixe Hard almond nougat

Nougat is one of the most popular confectionaries of the Spaniards. The classic nougat is made from almonds, honey, sugar and egg white and moulded into a rectangular bar.
7,70 €
200g bar

Ca'n Guixe torró fluix Soft almond nougat

Classic Spanish speciality with lots of almonds and honey, wonderfully sweet, soft and supple.
7,80 €
200g bar

Can Guixe Hard almond nougat

Crispy and natural. Almonds, sugar, egg whites and cinnamon, a typical Spanish sweet.
7,60 €
200 g bar

Maüa GUATEMALA Chocolate with oranges from Sóller

Finest chocolate with cocoa from Guatemala and Trinidad.
6,50 €
70g bar

Maüa JIVARA Milk chocolate with roasted almonds

High-quality milk chocolate with the best from the tropics and the Balearic Islands. A fusion of flavours.
6,50 € 5,99 €
70g bar

Maüa NICARAGUA 70% Organic Chocolate & Es Trenc Salt

The right mixture of 70% organic dark chocolate and the aromatic organic salt.
6,50 € 5,50 €
40g bar

Maüa NICARAGUA 75% Organic dark chocolate

Chocolate made with organic Trinitario cacao, which releases a sharp, fruity taste of wild berries with citrus notes and strong tannins reminiscent of a red wine.
6,50 € 5,50 €
40g bar

Panifets Chocolate and almond balls

41% almonds, orange, chocolate and carob syrup. Delicious vegan balls to eat for breakfast or dessert, or to enjoy in between meals.
14,40 €
100g box
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