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Fet a Sóller

Legumes & Seeds

Organic pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain valuable nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, and provide plenty of unsaturated fatty acids. Well raw eaten or even lightly toasted in a pan (no oil).
3,99 €

Organic sesame

Small but powerful! Sesame seeds are filled with healthy ingredients. Apart from calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc also contain selenium.
2,60 €
Bag of 250 g

Organic poppy seeds

These seeds are obtained from the organic cultivation of poppies (Papaver rhoeas). Poppy seeds are a classic in pastries.
5,95 €
Bag of 250 g

Organic sunflower seeds

Ideal for vegetarians. Sunflower seeds contain more than 90% unsaturated fatty acids, many important vitamins and minerals.
2,95 €
Bag of 250 g

Organic chickpeas

Organic chickpeas are very healthy, versatile and very popular because of their nutty flavor. Delicious in a nice stew, as well as an supplementary to any meat dish or delightfull as a salad with fresh vegetables.
2,60 €
Bag of 500 g

Red organic lentils

The taste of red lentils is very good and they are also very healthy - like all legumes. Even better if they're organic cultivated. Red lentils also have the great advantage that they do not need to be soaked before cooking because the outer hard shell has been removed . Therefore, the cooking time is only 10-15 minutes. So in a moment delicious dishes such as salads , purees , pan or wok dishes are prepared.
3,95 €
Bag of 500g

Red organic beans

The red bean - also known as "Red Kidney Bean " - has got a strong red skin, a rather floury core and is relatively sweet in taste.
4,65 €
500 g

Es Garrover BIO carob flour

"Es Garrover", BIO carob flour, rich in minerals. Lactose and gluten free, vegan. Perfect for vegan bakery
6,50 €
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