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Camp Mallorquí sweet roasted almonds 100g

Freshly roasted, sweet almonds from Majorca. Packaged conveniently in small packets. A healthy snack for on the road or at home. more
100g bag,  Camp Mallorquí
2.50 €

Camp Mallorquí Organic almonds sweet roasted 500g

The Majorcan almonds are enjoying increasing popularity. They are a natural and healthy food product which can be enjoyed in different variations. Either as a snack, with a salad, or as a topping on your... more
500 gr bag,  Camp Mallorquí
9.99 €

Camp Mallorquí Organic almond milled sweet raw

Organic, deliciously sweet almonds from Majorca, finely ground - also known as almond flour. This product and ingredient is sure to add not only flavor to your most delicious pastries, but also brings with... more
Bag of 500 g,  Camp Mallorquí
9.99 €

Camp Mallorquí Organic almond sweet raw unpeeled

The sweet and extremely nutritious majorcan almond is rich in folic acid, vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fats and fibre. Unpeeled, organic and wonderfully delicious, almonds have long been refered to as... more
Bag of 500g,  Camp Mallorquí
9.99 €

Camp Mallorquí Organic almond chopped sweet

Naturally sweet and organic almonds from Majorca, finely chopped. Ideal for decorating desserts, cakes and cookies or as a tasty enrichment to your favorite breakfast bowl or as a crunchy topping on any... more
500gr bag,  Camp Mallorquí
9.95 €

Organic Almonds

Crunchy, with an intense taste. With peel or peeled, toasted, chopped or ground.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure Health in harmony with Nature

Some are hot and some not

Padron peppers, the delicious Spanish "tapa". Small green peppers for frying.

Best summer wine

Rasperryred, bloomy perfume and long persistend. Rosado of Bodegas Jose L. Ferrer.

Organic cultivation

Centenary Sóller Railway

250ml native olive oil extra (extra virgin) with guarantee of origin "Oli de Mallorca D.O." in theSpecial Edition tin designed for the Orange-Express "Tren de Sóller".

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