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Fet a Sóller

Almonds on Mallorca


Enchanting ocean of flowers in spring

Many visitors come to Mallorca in early spring especially to experience the impressive natural spectacle of the almond blossom. Depending on the weather, between late January and March you can be seduced by the soft pink flowers and pleasant temperatures of 18°C.  This wonder of nature can mainly be enjoyed in the centre of Mallorca and in the southwest, but also around Valldemossa, Deía or Sóller.
The fruit is harvested in late autumn and the farmers bring their harvest to the Almond Co-ops.


What’s all the noise about?

…..the almonds go through a thorough preparation process. Each batch is checked for quality and yield. Branches and stones are removed, and by moistening slightly, the hard shells are cracked.  No employee can be in the vicinity of the jack screw without ear protection - the noise is unimaginable!  Robust vibrators sort the almonds by size and optical sensors sort out damaged kernels.

Before peeling the inner brown skin, the almonds are blanched in a hot water bath and once again they are electronically checked for skin residues. The last quality check, just before packaging, is done manually.

So much more than a baking ingredient

In the Mediterranean, almonds have always been an important source of protein. High in vitamins and minerals (magnesium, calcium, vitamin E) and unsaturated fatty acids, the almond kernel supports a healthy and nutritious diet. They are an integral part of the famous Mediterranean diet.

The Mallorca almond crackles sweetly in the Spanish Turron, is a natural alternative to potato chips, gives salad a crunch and adds creaminess to desserts and spicy sauces. Our tip for the almond and garlic fan: the soup "Ajoblanco", an almond gazpacho, served with ice cubes.

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