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Fet a Sóller


Mediterranean food of the highest quality

Terms and Conditions

1. General terms

Following Terms and Conditions are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other services. Hereby, we explicitly express our objection to any deviating regulations by the contractual partner (Customer). Any additional agreement oramendment is subject to written confirmation by Fet a Sóller S.L.

Fet a Sóller S.L. only enters into contract with:

 - natural persons with full legal capacity of entering into binding contracts
   and over the age of 18
-  legal persons resident or with registered business address in the European Union.       

In case of inadvertent admittance of an order by an unaccepted person, Fet a Sóller S.L. may, within a reasonable period of time after gaining knowledge of the fact, withdraw from the contract. Costs which may have arisen, must be borne by the unaccepted person or his/her legal representative. Fet a Sóller reserves the right to cancel a user’s access account if it detects fraudulent purchases, or if the user repeatedly returns purchased items or refuses to accept deliveries without cause, fails to fullfill payment or disrupts proper functioning of the transaction or the system in any other way.

2. Offers

Our quotes are non-binding. Small deviations and technical changes of our illustrations or descriptions are possible. Offers are only valid for a limited amount of time or the indicated timeframe. Fet a Sóller does not assume liability for any literal error.

3. Conclusion of contract and revocation instructions

The contract is concluded by the acceptance of the order by Fet a Sóller, S.L. and by the acceptance of Fet a Sóller's Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Costomer during the online purchase-process.

Following revocation instructions do not apply to opened/used merchandise.

Revocation Instructions:
The Customer is entitled to withdraw from (revoke) the contractual declaration within 14 days without citing any reasons for doing so. To execute the right of withdrawal (revocation), the Customer has to inform Fet a Sóller S.L. of his/her decision to withdraw from the contract through an explicit declaration (e.g. a letter sent via post, fax or email to Fet a Sóller S.L.). The revocation period of 14 days begins at the moment of conclusion of the contract.
To comply with the time limit, it is sufficient to send the communication concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the end of the revocation period to the adress listed below. The shipping costs for devolutions are to be paid by the Customer, unless he/she has been supplied with false or defective goods.

Address for written withdrawal:

Fet a Sóller sl.
c/. Romaguera, 12
07100 Sóller/Mallorca

Fax: +34 971 63 50 08

Devolutions are to be sent to:

Fet a Sóller sl.
Garten & Freizeit
Saynerstr. 56
56566 Neuwied-Heimbach-Weis

In case of an effective withdrawal, mutually received benefits are to be returned. If the received goods/items/packaging cannot be returned, or can only be returned in an inferior condition, the Customer is liable for paying an adequate compensation to Fet a Sóller S.L. where applicable. This is avoidable by not treating the items as if their owner and omitting anything that impairs their value. Fresh products are non-returnable.

4. Availability

If Fet a Sóller S.L. should become aware, after entering into the contract, of the unavailability of products ordered by the Customer, or if the goods cannot be delivered for legal reasons, Fet a Sóller S.L. reserves the right to either compensate the Customer with a product of equal quality and price or to withdraw from the contract. Any payment already received will be refunded immediately after withdrawal from the contract by Fet a Sóller, S.L.

5. Delivery policy

We reserve the right to effectuate a partial delivery if this is deemed advantageous for an efficient transaction. The goods must be checked on reception towards their completeness and intactness by the Customer.(also see paragraph 7.)

Fet a Sóller will use reasonable endeavours to deliver products within 2-8 working days of the date of the order confirmation. However, we cannot guarantee delivery by the relevant date. Delayed delivery does not release the Client from the obligation of accepting and paying for the ordered goods.

6. Prices and payment

Prices for products quoted on our website contain the VAT applicable to them on the day of invoicing. In case of an incorrect price on the website  or prices quoted incorrectly on the order-confirmation email, the price applicable is the standard price or the current price for a special offer.

Payment must be done upon the submission of your order. We will not deliver the products as long as we have not yet received the payment in full in cleared funds.

Payment for all products must be done by following the instructions on the website.
Prices for products may change at any time, but changes will not affect contracts which have already come into force.

You can consult the current shipping costs table here.

7. Warranty

The Customer is responsible to verify the completeness and intactness of the delivered goods in the moment of their reception. Any defect has to be noted on the delivery slip and be brought to our attention in written form immediately. Written notification about latent defects is to be done immediately after their discovery. If an immediate examination of the delivered goods is not possible at the time of reception, a note will be attached to the delivery slip, stating "Accepted under Reservation", in order to assure any Claims of Compensation.

In case of defective goods, the Customer has the right to claim the elimination of said defect, or, if this should not be possible, to demand replacement of the defective item with an equal item free of defects.

8. Risk

The products will be at risk of the Customer from the moment of leaving our facilities to be shipped.

9. Severability clause

If any provision of these terms of sale is held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. The legal effectiveness of the contract is not affected and the contract remains binding to both parties.

10. Terms of privacy

All data relevant to the transaction will be processed and stored in our computer system. Personal data is treated confidentially and shall neither be sold, nor in any other way be passed on to third parties.

11. Legal terms

These terms of sale will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Spanish law, and the courts of Palma de Mallorca will have jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in relation to these terms of sale.

12. Media rights

Images and text material are subject to the copyright of Fet a Sóller. Reproduction (screenshot), copying or forwarding in any form is prohibited. If you need press material, please contact presse@fetasoller.com

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