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Fet a Sóller




Mediterranean delicacies wit ECO certification


The taste of Mallorca - for your friends and your family



Negre, blanc o rosat...

Oranges, Lemons and more Citrusfruits, natural and untreated

Lime 800g

Natural lime fresh from the tree in Mallorca. Sparkling sour, green-yellow and small. A rich aromatic ingredient for many dishes and drinks.
4,60 €
800gr in a box,…

Melon – Melón Piel de Sapo

Melon, sun-ripened in Mallorca. Fruity-sweet, firm flesh, keeps well chilled. Particularly delicious in smoothie or finely seasoned with ham.
6,85 € 5,95 €

Oranges 1kg

Natural oranges of the season, freshly harvested from Sóller, hand-picked. The skin is suitable for consumption.
3,20 € 2,95 €
Bag of 1 kilo

Valencia Oranges 10kg box

Natural oranges from Sóller, fresh from the tree. Particularly sweet and juicy with food and juices. The skin is edible.
26,95 €
10kg box

Mix box oranges and lemons 10kg

Delivery from 5th of november: Natural oranges and lemons freshly picked in Sóller. The peel is suitable for consumption.
28,95 € 27,95 €
10kg box

Peret Oranges 10kg box

Natural edible and juice orange, freshly harvested, edible peel. Sweet, juicy and sparkling. Easy to store. The Peret Orange is only found in the valley of Sóller.
28,95 €
10kg box

Mixedbox Peret oranges and lemons 10kg box

Mixed box with sweet-juicy Peret oranges and lemons, both natural. Bowls suitable for consumption. Please select the mixing ratio.
28,95 €
Box of 10kg

Mixed box Valencia, Peret Oranges and lemons 10kg

Mixed box with natural summer oranges and lemons fresh from the tree from Sóller. All skin edible. Select the mixing ratio.
28,95 €
Mixed Box of 10kg

Lemons 1kg

Natural lemons from Sóller, fresh from the tree. Peel grated to use as a flavor or freeze for later.
3,20 €

Lemons 10kg box

Natural lemons from Sóller, freshly picked. The edible peel is a flavouring substance, the white portion under the peel contains a lot of natural pectin and is perfekt to make jam out of it.
29,95 € 28,95 €
10kg box

Orange 4 x 10 kg box

Healthy vitamins in a subscription: 4 10 KG boxes of fresh, natural oranges from Majorca. Choose your delivery dates.
107,80 € 103,80 €

Candied organic orange peel

Candied organic orange peel, chopped. 100% natural ingredients. With a high content of essential oils, suitable for sweet dishes, salads or marinades.
5,50 €
Glas 100 g

Candied organic lemon peel

Candied organic lemon peel, chopped. 100% natural ingredients. With a high content of essential oils, suitable for sweet dishes, salads or marinating.
5,50 €
jar of 100g

Orange marmelade Fet a Sóller 500g

Fruity-sweet jam made of natural oranges, preserved with natural lemon juice. With 68% fruit and purely natural ingredients a sunny greeting.
5,95 €

6 x citrus ice cream Citrus only

A packet of our delicious ice creme made from real milk or creme with citrusy flavour and strawberry.
34,50 €

Mild green peppers

Medium sized, tender and light-green coloured peppers, the "Majorcan peppers" are ideal for raw consumption, since they are very digestible. Very popular as a side dish to "Pa amb oli" and paella. It is also an ingredient of the tasty and fresh salad called "Trampó" which is made with tomatoes, White onions and these peppers. Like tomatoes, onions and other summer vegetables, peppers are very tasty sautéed in olive oil or grilled.
3,95 €

Ramallet tomatoes

Freshly harvested ramallet tomatoes in Mallorca. The famous Pa amb Oli tomato with olive oil grated in a slice of bread or for sauces and rice dishes.
3,55 € 2,95 €
600gr Box

Pimientos de padrón, Small Fry Peppers

Fresh, spicy green peppers for frying. Add garlic and olive oil to the pan. For the popular tapa at home.
7,85 € 6,95 €
Tray of 500g
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