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Fet a Sóller

... with the intense aroma of majorcas oranges, lemons and tangerines

Orange sorbet Gelat Sóller

Freshly squeezed orange juice from Sóller's Valley is the basis of this delicate creamy orange sorbet. Orange zest gives an authentic and intense flavor. This creation is a true culinary delight.
4% fat.
5,95 €

Mandarine sorbet Gelat Sóller

Fresh mandarins from Sóller, fruity with an aroma intense.
5,95 €

Flor de Taronger, dried Organic orange blossom

Handpicked, sun-dried in the shade. Orange flowers from Sóller. For flavouring, care or relaxation.
3,70 €
20g bag

SalsaSol Orange natural olive oil with orange

Olive oil virgen refined with essences of natural oranges. Great with fish, meat and vegetables, in salads or to season rice dishes.
7,80 €
250ml bottle

Balsamic Orange Vinegar

Sweet-sour wine vinegar balsam with natural essences of oranges - a vinegar with addictive character. Seasoned and marinated and as a walking tip: a shot in the champagne.
7,90 €
250ml bottle

La Lareña Ensaimada with orange filling

The traditional pastry: Ensaïmada, the sweet dough snail filled with fruity, aromatic orange marmalade. Vacuum-packed.
14,95 €
500g approx.…

Bitter orange marmelade Fet a Sóller

Cooked only with natural ingredients, preserved with lemon juice. The marmelade retains the bitter taste of the peel, juice and flesh of the most original orange variety.
4,30 €
200g glass jar

Orange marmelade Fet a Sóller 500g

Fruity, sweet jam made of natural oranges, preserved with natural lemon juice. Natural ingredients; a sunny greeting.
6,50 € 5,99 €
500g glass jar

Pols finely milled lemon peel 60 g

Pur nature with a fine citrusy taste: Natural lemon peel, dried and finely ground. Fresh citrusy aroma for desserts, marinades and cocktails.
6,95 €
60g glass jar
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