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Goat cheese

Goat cheese

ca. 300g - 350g
Sprinkled with finest, mediterran herbs, rosemary, oregano and thyme this goat cheese has got the same characteristics as goat cheese "semi curat". With its particularly special aroma garnished on a slice of rustical wholemeal bread, sprinkled with olive oil, it will be a fantastic tasty majorcan morsel. You can serve some olives, tomato and of course a sip of wine. Tipico mallorquin! [ more ]
Art-Nr.: 00621      Quantity: Price 7.75 €
BalsamOrange- 250ml fine balsam vinegar Fet a Sóller

BalsamOrange- 250ml fine balsam vinegar Fet a Sóller

Fet a Sóller
Exceptionally versatile and now available in the 250ml bottle with screw cap: the fine wine vinegar of "Fet a Sóller" obtains its extraordinary smooth and fruity note from the precious natural essences of the aromatic oranges originating from Sóller/ Mallorca. [ more ]
Art-Nr.: 00151      Quantity: Price 6.95 €
Olis Sóller 500 ml Oli de Mallorca P.D.O.

Olis Sóller 500 ml Oli de Mallorca P.D.O.

Bottle of 500ml, Olis Sóller
Extra virgin olive oil of highest quality, freshly pressed and bottled in Sóller. The fresh, aromatic, slightly sweet olive oil in the dark 500ml bottle also serves very well as a gift. With the guarantee of origin from Oli de Mallorca P.D.O [ more ]
Art-Nr.: 00106      Quantity: Price 9.95 €
Goat cheese in Red Wine

Goat cheese in Red Wine

A goat cheese of excellent quality! The "milk supplier" the goats, graze all day on the beautiful pastures of the finca, the quality of this product is made in careful handwork.
After the initial maturity of the cheese is immersed in a red wine bath, just as long as he has absorbed a subtle nuance of red wine essence that gives it a delicious flavor. After two months of further rest period the cheese is "semi-ripe" and is packed in a solid film. Fat content 60% in dry matter.
Tip: For storage after opening the vacuum pack the cheese should be in parchment paper or in a non-hermetically sealed plastic container at a temperature of 6-10 ° (for example, in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator) [ more ]
Art-Nr.: 00632      Quantity: Price 7.75 €
Pomegranate syrup

Pomegranate syrup "Fet a Soller"

250ml bottle, Fet a Sóller
Here, in the Valley of Sóller grows and is cultivated this excellent fruit that we have references in the old testament. In medicine, is being promoted as a very healthy fruit pomegranate. But last but not least, the taste is crucial for your enjoyment. Therefore, only the juice of the ripe fruit is used for this Sóller pomegranate syrup. The more mature is the fruit, the higher natural sugar and more intense the delicious taste of Pomegranate.A glass of mineral water, an arbitrary amount of this pomegranate syrup, perhaps some ice - and a tasty drink is ready. Ideal also mixed with milk, almonds, yoghurt, Quark, ice cream and fruit salads. [ more ]
Art-Nr.: 00843      Quantity: Price 5.50 €
Oli de Mallorca P.D.O.

...a synonym for healthy diet, tradition, craft and sustainability. The Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Oli de Mallorca assures that the natural juice of the Olive is extracted using mecanical processes without chemical additives and thus maintains its singular flavour, aroma and texture.

The sun in the bottle

Orange-Syrup, with the juice of the oranges from the valley of Soller, natural, preseved with lemon juice.

Deep red wine

from Bodega Nadal in Binissalem, Mallorca, the best wine region of the mediterranean island. With aroma of fresh spices, currants and truffles.

Or Golden Sunshine

White wine from the Bodega Pere Seda. Freshly, with flavours of the intensive citrus fruits from Sóller, Mallorca. Perfect to fish dishes.

Centenary Sóller Railway

250ml native olive oil extra (extra virgin) with guarantee of origin "Oli de Mallorca D.O." in theSpecial Edition tin designed for the Orange-Express "Tren de Sóller".

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