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Fet a Sóller

Fet a Sóller Food - Good means of life

The natural, agricultural raw materials of Majorca are tasty, nutritious and full of sunshine. The oranges of the Sóller Valley are especially attractive and popular not only among tourists. The hills are covered in colourful orange swathes and fresh orange juice is available in every bar.

Gnarled olive trees line the countless hiking trails in the quiet hilly countryside around Sóller. From their small fruits we produce the high quality golden olive oil. And last but not least, the almonds which flower at the end of winter.

Appart from citrus fruits there are olives and almonds. In fact all Mediterranean vegetables and fruits grow in Mallorca. For example tomatos in countless varieties - including the Ramallet tomato, an integral part of the island’s famous dish,  Pa amb Oli.  Sun-dried versions of tomatos are also getting popular. Furthmore, you can enjoy small particular aromatic apricots and sweet, violet figs when it's their season. All these fragrant fruits and vegetables burst with flavour because of the Mediterranean climate: lots of sun, mild temperatures and a lot of rain in winter. It blooms and thrives in Mallorca throughout the year.

Olive oil hot or sweet and sour

FOC Condiment spicy olive oil 250ml

8,50 €

FOC spicy almond oil, gluten-free & vegan

9,95 €

FOC Condiment spicy sauce from olive oil 100ml

5,70 €

New from Fet a Sóller

Sweet Almond Oil Extra Virgin Fet a Sóller

8,40 €

FOC Condiment spicy olive oil 250ml

8,50 €

Dip i Fet Allioli vegan&organic garlic cream

5,95 €

Dip i Fet vegan spread with dried tomato and almond

5,95 € 4,95 €

Fet a Sóller as a brand creates sustainable and tasty food made from the island’s best fruits and vegetables. It’s a way of life. In our food preparation areas we dry, grind, blend, stir and, of course, taste a lot.

All our ingredients come from Mallorcan or Menorcan farmers only. Most of our ingredients come from organic farming, but there are still not enough organic farmers in Mallorca to fulfil our demands. So we are in contact with Sóller farmers and together we are committed to natural cultivation. Quality control checks are done regularly.

We refrain from chemical preservation. Instead we mostly use natural preservatives such as lemon and oil and we prefer the taste of nature.

Our creative chefs dry fruits or transform fruits into jams and fruity balsamic vinegar. Or combine extra virgin olive oil with spicy peppers to create a culinary delight. Tomatoes are gently dried, blended with grounded almonds and oil to create a vegan, savoury spread or dip. Garlic, along with our pre-cious olive oil, becomes a popular aioli cream.

Thirst-quenching or as a topping

Sirope Organic Lemon Syrup with Mint

5,45 €

Syrup Organic Mandarine Syrup

5,45 €

Crema d'ametlla, almond spread

6,95 €

Crema d'avellana, hazel nut spread

6,95 €

Syrup Organic orange sirup

5,45 €

Syrup Organic lemon syrup

5,45 €
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