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Fet a Sóller


Modernism arrived in Sóller at the end of the 19th century thanks to the migratory movements of its inhabitants. In 1865, Sóller was going through an agricultural crisis caused by a plague that wiped out the orange and lemon trees in the valley, which is why many of its inhabitants decided to emigrate to France and South America, above all to Puerto Rico, as due to the geographical situation of the town, it was easier to trade by sea with France and Barcelona than with the rest of the island.

Years later, when the crisis mitigated, many of them decided to return and they did so impregnate with the Modernism or Art Nouveau that Europe was experiencing and the colonial style of South America. This is how Sóller redefined its architectural style and great architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Joan Rubió and Antoni Castanyer built emblematic buildings in Sóller and Palma. In fact, it was thanks to this cultural revolution that the construction of the well-known Sóller Train was promoted, inaugurated in 1912, whose station has several works by Joan Miró (the grandson of a solleric) and Pablo Picasso, two great artists of the time who shared a great friendship.

If you take a stroll through the streets of Sóller you will see a number of buildings with dreamlike façades and interiors.  For example, the Church of Sant Bartomeu, the Bank of Sóller, the Botanical Garden, various buildings on Gran Vía street, the cemetery, Sa Capalleta and many others that you can discover while walking through the town. The truth is that each street has its own details, and it is a pleasure to walk around and discover what each one hides.

In addition, the village has a modernist jewel: the Can Prunera Museum. The beautiful and huge Majorcan house from 1909 houses the museum of modernist art. The house itself delights the eye with its beautiful stained-glass windows, the impressive period furniture, the beautiful garden... and if we add to that the modernist art exhibitions, it becomes a journey back in time.

The perfect harmony between the village and the modernist artistic movement makes Sóller an incredible place with an extraordinary charm.

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