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Fet a Sóller

Our guarantee for freshness and service for you!

Dear customer,

Natural oranges - without wax or preservatives - are a delicate, fresh product.
This is why we take as little time as possible:it takes 5-9 days to get the oranges from the tree to your house. It couldn't be faster!

However, on occasion some fruits do not arrive in perfect condition. Unfortunately, this cannot be pre-vented, even when the greatest care is taken, as there is a natural post-harvest process going on.

If you have a legitimate reason to complain, just send us an  E-mail. We handle every claim individually. Guaranteed!

Enjoy our natural and delicious oranges,

Team at
Fet a Soller SL


Our citrus fruits: just in harvest

Lemons 1kg

3,40 €

Lemons 10kg box

30,95 €

Oranges 1kg

3,20 €

Valencia Late Oranges 10kg box

29,95 €

Mix box oranges and lemons 10kg

30,95 €

Canarian organic bananas

4,35 € 3,99 €

Honey melon

4,50 €

Mild green peppers

3,95 € 2,80 €

Products made with natural citrus

Orange sorbet Gelat Sóller

5,95 €

Mandarine sorbet Gelat Sóller

5,95 €

Flor de Taronger, dried Organic orange blossom

3,70 € 3,49 €

SalsaSol Orange natural olive oil with orange

7,90 €

Balsamic Orange Vinegar

7,90 €

La Lareña Ensaimada with orange filling

14,95 € 13,95 €

Bitter orange marmelade Fet a Sóller

4,30 €

Orange marmelade Fet a Sóller 500g

6,50 € 5,99 €
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The article has been added to your basket. Proceed to checkout right away.