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Ca'n Matarino Green olive pate

This magnificent pâté is made from Mallorcan green olives and capers, and is seasoned with fragrant black pepper and a little fennel. This delicacy is carefully produced in a speciality factory in Sóller.... more
175g jar,  Ca'n Matarino
7.50 €

Ca'n Matarino black olive pate

Black olive pâté is made from the aromatic ingredients of black olives, olive oil and seasoned with vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and fine herbs. This delicious spread will flatter your favourite ham and... more
200g tin,  Ca'n Matarino
7.50 €

Ca'n Matarino Sobrasada spread sausage

The famous “sobrasada” is without a doubt the most popular paté of the majorcans. It´s to be found in every “rebost”; majorcan for pantry. You can purchase it as a whole, wrapped or like in our offer: in a... more
175g Tin,  Ca'n Matarino
4.85 €

Ca'n Matarino Paté campaña, liver pâté, home made style

Our master butcher calls this foie gras "Paté de Campaña con trompetas de la muerte". A free translation would be "Pâté de campagne with trumpets of the death". These trumpets of the... more
198gr - Tin,  Ca'n Matarino
4.75 €

Ca'n Matarino Sobrasada paté from black pork

The black pig is lucky! Until it gets slaughtered, it lives a wonderful life. The Majorcan Sobrasada made of black pig is not just only a delicacy on Balearic Islands but in all of Spain. It contains lean... more
4.90 €

Ca'n Matarino Fuet Mallorquín sausage

This traditional hard cured sausage is handmade of selected lean pork, black pepper, salt and nutmeg. The fuet only contains pork coming from Majorca. It is made by the samll butcher C'an Matarino in Sóller... more
Piece 180 g- 200 g,  Ca'n Matarino
4.25 €

Organic Almonds

Crunchy, with an intense taste. With peel or peeled, toasted, chopped or ground.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure Health in harmony with Nature

Some are hot and some not

Padron peppers, the delicious Spanish "tapa". Small green peppers for frying.

Best summer wine

Rasperryred, bloomy perfume and long persistend. Rosado of Bodegas Jose L. Ferrer.

Organic cultivation

Centenary Sóller Railway

250ml native olive oil extra (extra virgin) with guarantee of origin "Oli de Mallorca D.O." in theSpecial Edition tin designed for the Orange-Express "Tren de Sóller".

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