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Agromallorca S.A.T. was founded in 1964 by Joan Vicens Tortella, whose entrepreneurial character, perseverance and dedication have made this company one of the most important in the Balearic fruit and vegetable sector. Today, with more than 50 years and three generations behind it, Agromallorca S.A.T. continues to grow and develop permanently.
Picarandau is a family business founded in 2006 dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees on a farm located near Palma. They work on the cultivation and harvest of the olive to achieve the highest quality possible. Their project is an organic farming based on localized irrigation to save water, the use of organic fertilizers and the protection of the fauna of the land.
Aloe Vera Farm Mallorca has made it its mission to develop natural cosmetics & food supplements as pure and unadulterated as possible, without harmful additives.
Licoristas Reunidos Mallorquines S.L. This company was born thanks to the Cañellas family, who had a long tradition of making aniseed, liqueurs and rums in Marratxí, Mallorca. The appreciated rum Amazona was created due to the export of aniseed and brandy from the American colonies.
Miel Antonio Simón is a family business of organic artisan beekeepers farming in Guadalajara since 1897. The process of collecting, packaging and distribution is carried out by themselves.
Eva Maier & Stefan Winterling studied viticulture and have worked and researched for many years in Mallorca, Germany, Catalonia and California. In 2010 they distilled their first gin in a winery where they worked, a fact that they enjoyed so much that they decided to open their own distillery. This is how this artisan distillery focused on the flavors of Mallorca was born in 2012.
This hihgh quality oil comes from one of the oldest farms on the island located in Manacor; Albocasser. The company was founded in 1998 although the beginning dates back to 902-1929. The land has a chapel and medieval remains that witness the resurgence of the Extra Virgin Olive oil.
This company was founded in Porreres by Stephanie Kinger. Only natural and local products are used, made with almonds from sustainable cultivation and with the guaranteed quality designation IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).
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