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Fet a Sóller


AgroMallorca grated organic Ramallet Tomatos

The well-known Pa amb Oli tomato grated in a glass - ready for consumption as a “Pa amb oli”, cooking sauces… whatever you prefer!
Gluten-free, without preservatives and colorants.
6,50 € 5,99 €
400g jar

ALLIOLI garlic cream, ORGANIC, Fet a Sóller

Popular Mediterranean starter with bread and olives or as a tasty accompaniment to meat, fish and vegetables. Veggie: milk and egg free., with mallorquina olives.
5,95 €
180g glass

Allioli Pebres Coents, garlic cream with chili

It smells like freshly squeezed garlic... Smooth garlic cream refined with chilli, a dip before your main, with fish or meat, vegetables or seafood.
6,50 €

Allioli, garlic cream

Allioli - Garlic cream. Free from cholesterin, gluten, egg, lactose and completely vegan.
6,50 €

Crema d'ametlla, almond spread

Pure nature: pure almond spread without sugar. Delicious on bread and also perfect for thickening sauce.
6,95 €
110g jar

Crema d'avellana, hazel nut spread

Pure nature: pure hazelnut cream/syrup without sugar. Delicious on bread and also perfect for refining many dishes.
6,95 €
110g jar

Dip i Fet Organic Allioli (Garlic Cream) spicy

Allioli with hot pepper (the Mallorcan variant "Cirereta").
Vegan, gluten-free, with organic olive oil from Mallorca.
5,95 €
180g Glass

Dip i Fet vegan black olive cream

Aromatic vegan olive cream made from black olives, lemon juice, bay leaves, garlic, parsley and capres. As a tapa with Quely biscuits, spreaded on some bread or stirred into the sauce. Hmmmmm…
6,95 €

Dip i Fet vegan black olive cream with almond

Vegan olive cream with almond: a mix of salty and sweet, simply delicious!
6,95 € 5,95 €

Dip i Fet vegan spread with dried tomato and almond

It smells, tastes and contains just natural ingredients. Dried tomatoes, virgin olive oil and almonds. It's a healthy, vegan sandwich spread. It's also delicious like a pesto-sauce.
5,95 €
100 g glass

Dip i Fet, vegan almond cream, gluten free

Dip i Fet, vegan almond cream, gluten free with no added sugars. A real pleasure!
5,95 €
120g jar

Ferrerico organic liver pate

The Ferrerico organic liver pate comes with few ingredients and has the full taste of the delicious liver pate.
5,60 €

Ferrerico Organic Liver Pate with almond

Fine organic variant of the liver pate rounded off with Mallorcan almonds.
5,60 €

Orange marmelade Fet a Sóller 500g

Fruity, sweet jam made of natural oranges, preserved with natural lemon juice. Natural ingredients; a sunny greeting.
5,95 €
500g glass

Pasta d'Oliva Herbes Provencals, Olive paté with herbs

Tasty cream of green olives with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and herbs. Only natural ingredients as dip, pesto or spread.
6,95 €
130gr Jar

Son Cánaves organic sheep cheese

Organic sheep cheese from Son Cánaves. Matured & aromatic from the best quality.
19,75 €

Son Cánaves organic Sobrasada

Organic sobrasada made from the best quality meat from free-range pigs and Mallorcan paprika "Tap de Corti".
14,90 €
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