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Information for commercial customers

For commercial customers we offer the possibility to enter a european VAT-Ident-Number (VAT-ID). In this case your invoice will not include applicable Spanish VAT.

The value added tax identification number - what is it?

A VAT ID is an internationally valid unique identifier for a company when interacting with companies in other countries.

In case an entered VAT-ID is not valid, please make sure that you entered the international VAT-ID and not just your national tax number (which, in many cases is not the same!).

More information: Wikipedia

Validation of the VAT ID

We will validate each entered VAT-ID in realtime accesing the database of the European Taxation and Customs Union (ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/taxation/vat/traders/vat_number/index_en.htm). Using the VIES validation tool you can as well validate your own VAT-ID.

Handling of orders pending validation

From time to time, the online validation from the European Union might be unavailable. In this case we will take your order but it it will not be realized until we checked your VAT-ID manually (usually the same day or next working day). You will not get an invoice until the VAT-ID has been validated.

Limitations for commercial customers


Unfortunately we do not sell spirits to any commercial customer outside Spain. If you placed such a product in your basket and you try to order providing a VAT-ID you will have to eliminate the products from your basket before being able to submit your order.


For professional customers we do only offer shipping to the country the company is based in (the originating country of the VAT-ID supplied)..

The article has been added to your basket. Proceed to checkout right away.
The article has been added to your basket. Proceed to checkout right away.