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Bodegas Galmes Ribot

Galmes y Ribot, Margalida

Made from biological grown grapes from our Finca, a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, 50% each. A fruity wine with...

Oli Verderol

Oli Verderol, olive oil extra virgin, 500ml D.O.

The basis for this extra virgin olive oil is the olive variety called "Arbequina". It stands for an...

Flor de Sal

Flor de Sal - pack of five (à 50g)

Contains the salt mentioned above in one set with 50g each: natural, mediterranean, rose, black olives and our “Sri...

Fet a Sóller

Pomegranate syrup "Fet a Sóller"

Here in Sóller's Valley grows this excellent fruit we already have references in the Old Testament. In medicine, the...

Fet a Sóller - Your online-shop for gastronomic specialities from Sóller, Majorca and the Balearic Islands.

In our online-shop you can purchase a variety of products from the valley of Sóller, Majorca and the Balearic Islands; fresh, untreated oranges and lemons, virgin olive oil, exclusive “Flor de Sal” sea salt, finest charcuterie, olives as well as tasty jams.
New in stock: Try our selection of majorcan wines and snacks!

“Fet a Sóller” – the high quality brand of the finest delicatessen guarantees for highest wholefood product quality (oranges without any treatment, excellent olive oils and a lot more) coming from the picturesque Valley of Sóller, the small village in the heart of the Majorcan Tramuntana mountains. The manufacturing of specialities is carried out with expert knowledge, extraordinary diligence and great dedication, following the antique tradition of food production with old recepies.

Best-Selling Products

Lemons box a 10 kg

Fresh, natural unwaxed lemons from Majorca. During the autumn - from September to December the bowl can show scab places. This is exclusively an optical impairment. The bowl of our fresh lemons is... more
10kg box 
24.95 €

Oranges “Navel Late”Box a 10 kg

A sweet tasting orange without any treatment and additives. It´s midsized with a hard skin. The pulp contains only little acid and is therefore very sweet. It contains hardly any seeds. They belong to a very... more
10kg box 
22.95 €

Olive oil from Mallorca- Sample box 1

The tradition of cultivating olives and producing olive oil on Majorca goes back hundreds of years. Majorcan olive oil is won solely through mecanical, not chemical, processes.The thus obtained pure olive... more
6 bottles of 500ml 
69.95 €

BalsamOrange- 250ml fine balsam vinegar Fet a Sóller

Exceptionally versatile and now available in the 250ml bottle with screw cap: the fine wine vinegar of "Fet a Sóller" obtains its extraordinary smooth and fruity note from the precious natural... more
Bottle 250ml.,  Fet a Sóller
6.95 €

Salsa Sol Picante, Lemon & Chili

An exquisite, slightly spicy mix of virgin olive oil with the splendid flavour of Sóller originating oranges. By adding hot peppers, a versatile “Salsa" is created that gives each dish an exceptional... more
Bottle 250ml,  Fet a Sóller
6.95 €

Fig Jam “Fet a Sóller”

The fabulous fig - a delightfully aromatic, Mediterranean fruit. When fully matured, they are delicately harvested and processed into this highly nutritional jam. Exceptional on fresh bread, but also in... more
225g jar,  Fet a Sóller
4.50 €

Orange marmelade " Fet a Sóller " in a 500 g jar

Marmalade "Fet a Sóller" 500ml glass jar is an orange marmalade made from the untreated “Canoneta" orange. This variety of orange is only grown in Fornalutx, in the valley of Sóller. The... more
5.85 €

Flor de sal - Lemon - "Fet a Sóller"

In comparison to regular sea salts Flor de sal contains a high amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium. Refined with sunripened, untreated lemons from Sóller valley, Flor de sal-Lemon "Fet a... more
Tiin 100g,  Fet a Sóller
6.95 €

Black olives 200g

The black, fully ripened olives from the Tramuntana Mountains are a culinary delight for the palate! The “Oliva mallorquina” is harvested by the local olive growers by hand. They are carefully processed in... more
200gr jar,  Olis Sóller
4.50 €

Goat cheese

Sprinkled with finest, mediterran herbs, rosemary, oregano and thyme this goat cheese has got the same characteristics as goat cheese "semi curat". With its particularly special aroma garnished... more
ca. 300g - 350g 
8.75 €

Fuet Mallorquín - Majorcan hard cured sausage

This traditional hard cured sausage is handmade of selected lean pork, black pepper, salt and nutmeg. The fuet only contains pork coming from Majorca. It is made by the samll butcher C'an Matarino in Sóller... more
Piece 180 g- 200 g,  Ca'n Matarino
3.75 €

White wine Sa Rota Blanco, Bodegas Bordoy, Lluchmajor/Majorca

This white wine made of the Chardonnay grape by the winery Bordoy in Lluchmajor has obtained two awards. The aroma is reminiscent of white fruits like pear or melon, with a flowery nuance. In the glass it... more
Bottle 0.75l,  Bodegas Bordoy
11.95 €

XA_tó blanc – Mallorca D.O. Binissalem

XA tó Blanc Golden with a subtle green sheen, this white wine from the Binissalem area, is dry but fruity, gentle and fresh. A perfect summer wine with aromas of ripe apples, balanced and long lasting on... more
Bottle 0.75l,  Bodegas Tomeu Llabres
9.95 €

Wine of Majorca Sample Pack Red / White

Wine of Majorca - Red and White Selected wines 6 bottles á 0,75 l more
Box of 6 bottles,… 
49.95 €

Quely "tapas" wholemeal biscuits

Unexpected visitors? No problem! Appetizing and scrumptious nibbles are quickly created with Quely wholemeal biscuits. Garnished with cream cheese, a slice of tomato, fresh mint or parsley and half a nut on... more
Bag of 250g,  Quely
3.80 €

Roasted almonds. Sweetened.

The Majorcan almonds are enjoying increasing popularity. They are an extremely healthy food supplement and enhances your favourite bowl of cereal. Once you start, it's hard to hold back on just a few more!... more
500 gr bag,  Camp Mallorquí
9.95 €

Pure Hazelnut Spread/Sirup,150gr

The hazelnut twist: Finely ground cream without any additives. Another delicious Fet a Sóller product with numerous health-benefiting nutrients containing no sugar or gluten. An allround sandwich spread... more
Pot of 150 gr,  Fet a Sóller
5.95 €

Mallorcan Ensaimada - filled with orange cream

The Mallorcan Ensaïmada is also available with an exceptional orange cream made from the intense tasting and untreated oranges of the valley of Sóller. The Ensaïmada, may be enjoyed plain or with its'... more
500gr approx.,  Fet a Sóller
12.50 €

Pomegranate syrup "Fet a Sóller"

Here in Sóller's Valley grows this excellent fruit we already have references in the Old Testament. In medicine, the Grenade is being promoted as a very healthy fruit. But last but not least, the taste is... more
Bottle 310 ml,  Fet a Sóller
5.95 €

Organic Almonds

Crunchy, with an intense taste. With peel or peeled, toasted, chopped or ground.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pure Health in harmony with Nature

Some are hot and some not

Padron peppers, the delicious Spanish "tapa". Small green peppers for frying.

Best summer wine

Rasperryred, bloomy perfume and long persistend. Rosado of Bodegas Jose L. Ferrer.

Organic cultivation

Centenary Sóller Railway

250ml native olive oil extra (extra virgin) with guarantee of origin "Oli de Mallorca D.O." in theSpecial Edition tin designed for the Orange-Express "Tren de Sóller".

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